Introducing City Bliss

Quick hello before this get buried under my upcoming posts!

Call me Alexie, Lexi, Kimi or Kim! I’m a full-time student living in Ottawa. This blog is my summer project which will hopefully lead to some more blogging but was mostly created to get me to appreciate this summer as well as discover this city. Cities are my happy place. I’ll be blogging food, music, recipes, fashion, streetstyle, randomness, reviews, observations, photography, some more music and all kinds of quirky little things.


Glad you could join me! Leave a comment or say hi! Enjoy!



4 thoughts on “Introducing City Bliss

  1. and she’s baaaaaaaaack ! I made a comment earlier today on your blogspot one but it isn’t there o.O so HI ! can’t wait for all your posts – I wish you loads of fun doing this kimi kim xx

  2. Please note that Citybliss is a registered trademark of our company (Aradhya Hospitality Private Limited). This is an notification to refrain using a registered trademark. We have spent resources (capital and otherwise) to come up with the name “Citybliss” and would appreciate that you respect the effort taken to arrive at a name and register the same. Look forward to your co-operation on this matter.

    • Although I understand your situation and the difficulty of coming up with the name, WordPress as well as their terms and conditions protect me from having to alter my URL. During the process of naming this blog, WordPress validated the name therefore making it available to anyone on the web. The URL is entirely yours and I respect the trademark that you have on it. However, is not a URL that can be assigned or bought. I do not wish to claim your domaine name, I simply would like to use the name that was created by a group of bloggers while respecting the intergrity of your business. WordPress has created a blogging support which permits it’s users to create blogs with virtually any name whether they are pre-existing businesses or compagnies. To be fair, my blog is in no way jeopardizing the repuation of your spa and does not intend to falsly represent it. The WordPress address of a business must be created by the said business in order for it to be claimed.I would also like to point out that if someone is searching the web for information concerning your business, they will ultimately realize upon ending up on my blog that they are on the wrong website and will continue on. Many websites around the globe share similar names and URLs and therefor do not seem to encounter any trouble whatsoever. I hope you understand my right to keep this URL. If you have any more comments or concerns, I have asked WordPress that any unresolved problems must be shared with them before coming directly to me. Thank you for your understanding.

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