Surviving finals week

Here a quick mid-week post about some tips to help keep you sane and productive for finals week, enjoy!

1. Stay healthy

One of the hardest things to do when studying is controlling what you eat . Unhealthy choices with too much carbs will make you feel sleepy and although sugar helps boost our energy levels, refined sugars will cause a sugar crash, resulting in extreme fatigue, headaches and anxiety. So stay away from that tempting chocolate bar and fuel yourself with the right energy to keep your mind focused and your body healthy.


2. Stay hydrated

Be sure to drink enough water to avoid headaches and dehydration. Water is also great for your skin and will keep you looking healthy. Coffee is delicious (and very very useful) but have a cup of tea once in a while to control your caffeine. I suggest keeping water in a bottle or travel mug and adding flavor if the taste of plain water isn’t appealing to you. (Lime, mint,blueberries and cucumber is my favorite combination).


3. Exercise

If your like me, exercise helps put your mind at ease and allows you to go from a physical break to a mental break. Most people find themselves more focused after physical activity which is why getting out for a jog or simply doing some Blogilates is super helpful when under lots of stress.  Go to a yoga class, walk your dog, do some squats, whatever works!


4. Change it up

Studying in your room can get pretty boring so I recommend switching up your study space. Find a calm park or a secluded coffee shop that isn’t too distracting. Explore your surroundings. If you’re lucky, you’ll find free Wifi.


5. Organize

Organize your time and divide your studying into sections. Fight the urge to procrastinate and allow yourself the chance to end the year gracefully. Nobody wants to be busting out a dissertation 2 days before graduation (although I’ve seen people do it…tsssk)


6. Take a break

I like to use a 5:1 ratio. This implies that with every 50 minutes of studying, I get 10 minutes of break. Switch up this ratio to what you’re comfortable with or how much your concentration can handle but I wouldn’t recommend trying to cram a year’s worth of lessons in a 2 hour period. Maybe try power napping? Do some laundry, clean your room, have a dance break, discover a new band…


7. No distractions

Although parting from our beloved little gadgets is difficult, remember that being short on time means being ultra disciplined and productive with the time that you have. I recommend turning off or silencing your phone and avoiding using the computer unless necessary. You can also block tempting sites (I’m talking to you Pinterest) with different apps that way you won’t get lost in DIY’s and emerge 5 hours later with no work done. It’s sometimes helpful to let your friends and family know that you’re focusing on you studies so that they don’t try to distract you as much.When it comes to music, it depends on the situation. I like to have music on but at a very low volume so that’s really your decision depending on how well you can concentrate.


8. Get some sleep

For students going through exams , sleep is like a foreign specie…Unless you’re super organized and got everything done weeks ago (Props to you *high five*). Getting some sleep is probably one of the most important steps to feeling awake and ready to perform during a test. It’s diffuclt, I know, but preparing everything the night before can give you some extra time in the morning and declining invitations to go out is often necessary if you feel your body needs rest. Listen to your body and take advantage of the time you have.


9. Earplugs

Pretty self-explanatory. I find earplugs really helpful even when I’m at home. Silence is hard to find if you’re in public, so avoid getting too distracted and get yourself a pair of cheap but effective ear plugs.


10.  On the day of the exam…

Wake up at the sound of your alarm (6 alarms if you like to be extra punctual like me), get dressed and have a healthy breakfast, review your notes before you head out the door. Once you’re out, try to relax by listening to some music on the way to class. Remember that the day of the exam is NOT the day to finish studying.Double checking with class-mates =YES, cramming what you didn’t study before =NO. Trust what you’ve done, be confident, step through the door and…. Nail it!


11. What about after?

If you have other exams,it’s not the night to go out and celebrate. Cherish what you’ve accomplished and focus on the next one. If that was your final exam, congradulations! Some will go out and celebrate while others will go sleep it off for the next week, do something that makes you happy and reward your effort. Personnally, I will sleep for the rest of the day and make myself breakfast for supper. Mmmm


Basically, finals week boils down to what will make YOU succeed. Put the odds in your favor by being responsible and helping your body. No matter what the outcome, you hard work will eventually pay off and all the stress and studying will have been worth it. Good luck xx

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