Grilled fruits?

One of my favorite experiements has been grilling fruits on the barbecue. Grilled fruits add depth to warm salads, main courses and obviously make amazing desserts. On a hot grill, the natural sugars in the fruit are released and caramelize to make delicious,sweet (and healthy) additions to a Summer or Fall meal.

Here are some amazing grilled fruit ideas that you can add to your arsenal of culinary surprises!

( click on the images for links to the recipes)

Grilled Watermelon Salad with Balsamic Dressing 



Grilled Apricot, Gorgonzola, and Candied Walnut Arugula Salad 



Grilled Orange Shrimp Skewers 



Grilled Pineapple Kabobs with Honey Yogurt Sauce 


Grilled Strawberries and Marshmallow S’mores


Cinnamon Sugar Grilled Bananas



Grilled Peach Pizza



Simple Grilled Cinnamon Apples Slices With Honey Drizzle



Grilled Fruit Cobbler (can be made gluten-free)


Grilled Grapefruit


As some of you know, I’m not only vegetarian but lactose sensitive and unable to digest refined sugars or too many raw fruits and veggies. That makes cooking for me a little (a lot) tricky. However,since I’m an avid foodie and very passionate about cooking, Ive been able to experiment and discover new ideas that work around my dietary restrictions. Most of the recipes will probably have to be altered to fit my restrictions but it’s always great to discover new inspiration. Grilled fruits = WIN!



Joys of Summer: Food Edition

Goodbye gloomy mornings and windy nights! This Joy of summer is entirely dedicated to the exciting foods, produce and recipes that we can look forward to in a few months! Spring was only a few weeks away, but my minds is going full speed ahead to the thoughts of tanning and enjoying a nice iced-tea on the patio. Unfortunetely, I don’t live in sunny California so I’ll keep dreaming about the heat for a few more weeks. Enjoy!

Delicious salads


-Citrus-pomegranate quinoa salad
-Summer Farro Salad
-Basil Beet Salad

Summer fruitfruit


Vibrant veggiesveggies

-green beans
-plump tomatoes
-sweet  corn

Local quirklocal

-farmers markets
– gourmet food trucks (you’ll be surprised how many quality food trucks are based in Ottawa)
-ice cream trucks (if you’re lucky enough to find one)

Refreshing dessertsdesserts

-mango and berry pavlova (also check out her lovely recipe)
-poppy seed- honey cookies
-lemon bars

Frozen treatsfrozen

-Easy ice cream crunch bars
-Blackberry,Honey and Yoghurt Pops
-Frozen chocolate covered banana pops

BBQ parties for the veggie enthusiastsbbq

-roasted red pepper,mango and brie quesadillas (I apologize for the outdated recipe but this one always seems to pop back up whenever we host)
-grilled portebello mushrooms (recipe to come!)
-grilled artichoke

Cool drinks


-blood orange sangria (family favorite!)
-Summer peach tea punch
-Lemonade with a twist

Green thumbsgreen thumbs

Pick your favorite herbs and start a garden! Fresh herbs add color,flavor and depth to summer drinks! If you’re short on space, try purchasing one of these or these!

Hope you enjoyed this post and let me know what summer food and produce you’re excited about! I’ll be doing more recipes and summer food posts once this yucky weather is out of sight. Have a lovely weekend 🙂