Amazing Artist: Niky Roehreke

Currently based in New York, german/japanese artist Niki Roehreke has been producing amazing illustrations and artwork for many magazines such as Nylon, Flare, Jalouse and Dash. She uses a vast array of mediums and whether it’s her watercolour pieces or her collages, all her work is fascinating and stands out amongst the many other graphic designers.  Her designs are used by many up and coming fashion designers  and can also be found as album artwork or flyers for bands featured on music blogs like Hype Machine.

Although I would love to show you guys all of her fantastic work, this post would go on for miles and miles and I would be taking the term ”endless scrolling” too literally 😛  Her are some of my favorites + a short video interview 




open hey dressss

Niky believes that the most beautiful, honest way of communiction is our hands…her fascination for this body part is reaccuring in many of her pieces.

hands4 handeye hands 3 hands 2

Niky is a truly spectacular artist . One of my favorite project of hers has been Refinery 29’s Periodic Table of Beauty Elements illustrated entirely by Niky which you can explore by clicking the link above.

eyee fash blondelue hide

shes billy

tumbps stencil

pumkin oran



Hopefully you enjoy her work as much as I do. Let me know who your favorite graphic designers are!