Music medley.

My last exam was today. Yep. All done. I now have a whole summer to look forward to. I’m planning roadtrips, festivals, DIYs, late-night adventures, renovations, races and a whole bunch of interesting plans. Whoa whoa whoa! Hold up!  I told myself that these plans can wait, that I’ll have the whole summer to fufill my list and that my mind needs a break.  So instead of celebrating my exam (can you say that?) I decided to stay at home and listen to some chill tunes while  getting my moms birthday supper ready. I’ll take a few days to get my mind back together and be in tip-top shape for Canada Day festivities.



In order:

The General Specific ♪ Band of Horses

Fool’s Gold ♪ Frank Ocean

I’ll Try Anything Once ♪ The Strokes

Holes ♪ Passenger

Flashed Junk Mind ♪ Milky Chance